How It's Made

Our process for making colors from natural sources utilizes fruits and vegetables that are natural and completely free of additives such as sulfur dioxide. SJVC's grapes and vegetables allow for a wide range of red color possibilities. The juice from our Rubired grape variety is inherently much more color stable when compared to berry fruits and European red grape concentrates and grape skin extracts.

Our colors are made by carefully concentrating the fruit and vegetable juices without the use of extractants or additives. Using our unique process, we can achieve very dark anthocyanin color intensity that is 5-40 times darker than unconcentrated fruit juice colors. The dark color and low sugar content of our crystal colors makes them very suitable for zero-calorie formulations

All of our colors are available in both liquid and crystal form and have equal color stability. Using our unique drying technology, we are able to produce crystal colors that are free of carriers and organic solvents. These crystal colors are up to 5 times more concentrated than their liquid counterparts and are less dusty than spray dried colors. Our crystal colors are non-hygroscopic and have a shelf life of 5 years at ambient temperature. The ease of handling, solubility, color strength, and stability make our crystals great alternatives to traditional liquid and spray dried colors.

All of our colors are manufactured under OU Kosher rabbinical supervision.

Process Flow Chart

SJVC's Color Concentrating Filter Process