San Joaquin Valley Concentrates had humble beginnings in 1994 as a manufacturer and supplier of white grape concentrates. Through a strong and stable supply chain and with customer support, our company has continued to grow.

In 1996, we added the production of red grape concentrates and dark red grape concentrates (Red 8,000 and Purple 8,000) to our portfolio.

In 2002, we began producing ActiVin™ Grape Seed Extract.

In 2010, we purchased a state-of-the-art dryer that enables us to produce our unique crystal colors.

Today, SJVC continues to grow and is changing the game of natural red colors.

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates is wholly owned by E & J Gallo Winery and is located adjacent to their Fresno facility.

Fresno Winery in 1950 Present Day Facility